When You Want to Call for a Tow Rather Than Driving Your Car

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When You Want to Call for a Tow Rather Than Driving Your Car

31 March 2016
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Your car may be running and you may think you can control it when on the road, but there are certain times when it's better to have it towed rather than drive it. This can ensure you don't do added damage to your car and also ensure that nothing breaks down, seizes up, or otherwise fails when you're on the road. Note a few times when you want to call for a tow rather than driving your car even for a short distance.

1. After an accident

One reason to call for a tow truck when your car has been in an accident is that the damage may be more severe than you assume, and your car may fail you after a short distance from the accident scene. Another reason is that you might find your insurance company fighting your claim, saying that some damage to your car was caused by you driving it after the accident! To avoid any dangers and any hassles with an insurance company, have your car towed to a shop after any accident.

2. When anything is obviously hanging

You may notice that your muffler or some part of your car's exhaust pipe seems to be hanging very loosely, or a bumper on your car is now very loose and hanging precariously. This could be because of an accident or rust may have caused a bumper to start to fall away from the car's body. 

It's never good to drive your car with any part that is not secure, as it could very well fall off when you hit even the slightest bump or when you turn a corner. Not only could this mean losing a part that could otherwise be salvaged, but that part could damage something else on your car as it comes loose. You might also be ticketed for driving with a missing bumper or muffler, even if you just lost it in traffic a few streets back! Whenever anything is hanging precariously, have your car towed rather than driving it.

3. When the car shudders and stalls

If your car suddenly shudders and stalls, something that may happen when you're idling at a red light, you don't want to keep driving it. This is often a problem with the timing belt or the exhaust system, and it usually gets worse over time, sometimes very quickly. In turn, you may find that your car stalls even when in traffic and you cannot start it again. Have your car towed so you can diagnose the exact problem and ensure you're safe when on the road.