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Rainy days and curvy roads

I love living in the country, but the rainy weather and curvy roads are a bad combination for drivers. My kids have both run their cars off the road more than once, as well as having all sorts of roadside car issues. I make sure that the kids always have their phone charged up and with them in the car, and that they always have the numbers of the local towing services with them in case they only have limited phone service and can't get online to search. This blog is all about being a parent of kids that often need a tow!

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Offering Roadside Assistance

4 April 2016
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There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as a car breakdown. It not only sets you back financially, but it also wastes a lot of your time. Maybe you have just had enough breakdowns on the road and have decided to save similar victims from this problem by starting your own roadside assistance services. Perhaps, you have never even towed a car before. Well, no need to worry. There is a first time for everything. Read More …

When You Want to Call for a Tow Rather Than Driving Your Car

31 March 2016
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Your car may be running and you may think you can control it when on the road, but there are certain times when it's better to have it towed rather than drive it. This can ensure you don't do added damage to your car and also ensure that nothing breaks down, seizes up, or otherwise fails when you're on the road. Note a few times when you want to call for a tow rather than driving your car even for a short distance. Read More …

What You Need To Avoid When Towing For the First Time: Tips for Newbies

28 March 2016
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Towing can be a challenging task, especially if you have just started a towing business and you are the independent tow person. There are some risks involved in towing that can be dangerous, so you need to understand how to manoeuvre through these risks to prevent any associated accidents. Therefore, to help you, here are a few things you may want to avoid when towing a vehicle or any other automotive. Read More …