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Rainy days and curvy roads

I love living in the country, but the rainy weather and curvy roads are a bad combination for drivers. My kids have both run their cars off the road more than once, as well as having all sorts of roadside car issues. I make sure that the kids always have their phone charged up and with them in the car, and that they always have the numbers of the local towing services with them in case they only have limited phone service and can't get online to search. This blog is all about being a parent of kids that often need a tow!

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Distance Journey on a Transporter

27 February 2017
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If you're planning to move across the continent, you will be talking with removalists about your furniture and belongings. Due to the extensive distances, you should also be talking with towing or transportation companies in order to ship your vehicles. While this is an easier option than racking up all those miles as you drive there, what do you need to consider when planning the strategy? Preparing the Vehicle If you can, it is always ideal to transport your vehicles in a covered container. Read More …