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Rainy days and curvy roads

I love living in the country, but the rainy weather and curvy roads are a bad combination for drivers. My kids have both run their cars off the road more than once, as well as having all sorts of roadside car issues. I make sure that the kids always have their phone charged up and with them in the car, and that they always have the numbers of the local towing services with them in case they only have limited phone service and can't get online to search. This blog is all about being a parent of kids that often need a tow!

3 Critical Facts About Private Property Towing Services

12 January 2021
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Often, towing services are required to relieve a stranded and frustrated driver. However, it is not all that towing services do. Property owners are legally allowed to call towing services if they believe that a car is an inconvenience on their private property. In fact, private property towing is a major part of towing services. Here are crucial facts that private property owners should know about towing services. Car Parked on Residential Property Read More …