How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Distance Journey on a Transporter

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How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Distance Journey on a Transporter

27 February 2017
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If you're planning to move across the continent, you will be talking with removalists about your furniture and belongings. Due to the extensive distances, you should also be talking with towing or transportation companies in order to ship your vehicles. While this is an easier option than racking up all those miles as you drive there, what do you need to consider when planning the strategy?

Preparing the Vehicle

If you can, it is always ideal to transport your vehicles in a covered container. When cars are on an open transporter they are somewhat vulnerable to damage caused by stones or other road debris during the course of the journey.

If your budget or available options limit you to open transportation, you can take some additional steps to try and avoid that chip damage. Have a look online for specially made covers that can help to protect certain parts of the car. In America, these are known as a "bra." They are model-specific and made to fit around the front bumper, panels, bonnet and wings. They are used extensively in places like Florida at certain times of the year, in order to avoid damage from specific types of bugs. However, they can help to avoid scratches and dings as well. Certain companies also manufacturer rubber panels that can be attached to the sides of the car, as well. This should help to avoid almost all of the danger from flying stones.

Recording Information in Advance

Always make sure that you completely clean your car before making it ready for transportation. If there are any existing scratches or chips, make a note of where they are and take photographs of them. You should ensure that the date is on the photo and that you give all this information to the transportation company before the journey begins.

Removing Contents

Don't be tempted to load your car with a lot of belongings, as a means of getting some of your bits and pieces to your destination this way. It may seem logical to take advantage of that "empty" space inside, but the insurance coverage provided by the transportation company will be very specific. You may have difficulty in claiming for any items stored inside in this way, in the unlikely but unfortunate event of any break-in. Likewise, take any electronic devices that are removable (such as a GPS) out of the car as well.

Enjoying the Trip

Note that the transportation company will go out of its way to look after your vehicle when it is in its care and get it to your destination as safely as possible. By taking some of these extra precautions you can help ensure that your long-distance trip is hassle free.