3 Critical Facts About Private Property Towing Services

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3 Critical Facts About Private Property Towing Services

12 January 2021
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Often, towing services are required to relieve a stranded and frustrated driver. However, it is not all that towing services do. Property owners are legally allowed to call towing services if they believe that a car is an inconvenience on their private property. In fact, private property towing is a major part of towing services. Here are crucial facts that private property owners should know about towing services.

Car Parked on Residential Property

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding a vehicle blocking your driveway. Not only does the car prevent you from leaving your driveway, but it also raises suspicions about the vehicle owner's intentions. If there is a person in your neighbourhood who has a tendency of leaving their car on other people's driveway, then you may not need to worry. However, if you have never seen a car before, you can call private property towing services to remove the vehicle. You should also contact the police if you suspect that the car might be involved in any illegalities. For example, you should engage the police if you notice a dent, broken windows, blood on the hood, or any other anomalies. 

Abandoned Car on Private Property with 'No Parking' Signage

A business with a private parking space or an off-loading area should have a 'no parking' signage. For example, if you reserve parking space for your manager or are expecting a supplier, a car parked in the spots might cause significant inconveniences. A 'no parking' sign deters unauthorised parking, but only if it meets the requirements. For instance, the sign should be visible and posted near the entrance. If you are sure that signage meets the requirements, you should call private property towing services immediately. However, if a tow operator agrees with a car owner that a warning sign is not visible to the ordinary person, the operator may not impound the vehicle. 

Private Property without a Sign

Some businesses do not post 'no parking' signage on their private space. Nonetheless, it does not mean that anyone should park or abandon their vehicles on that space for days or weeks. Notably, you can only call private property towing if a car has not moved after one day. This means that towing services might not impound any vehicle on a private property that does not have a no-parking sign if it has been there for less than a day. You need to keep this in mind since private property towing services charge a fee if you call them earlier than is necessary.